Brownlow’s Knoxville Whig

by George Edmonds
Facts and Falsehoods, p 23

In 1865, the Methodist Rev. William G. Brownlow of Knoxville became the carpet bagger Governor of Tennessee as head of the minority Radical Unionists. He immediately started a second civil war against returning Confederates. Earlier as editor of Brownlow’s Knoxville Whig, he was pro-southern and pro-slavery. He became a fanatical Unionist and was expelled to the North.

He (Brownlow) encourages the people, wrote a diarist in late 1864, to kill their rebel neighbors wherever they find them, to do it without noise, secretly, but do it, and bury them in the woods like brutes.

Brownlow's speeches so much pleased the Republicans that they invited him to go about repeating similar speeches to stir up the old soldiers to the fury of a second war on the South.

"If I had the power," Parson Brownlow said, " I would arm and uniform in the Federal habiliments every wolf and panther and catamount and tiger and bear in the mountains of America; every crocodile in the swamps of Florida and South Carolina; every negro in the Southern Confederacy, and every devil in hell, and turn them on the rebels in the South, if it exterminated every rebel from the face of God's green earth ...Every man, woman and child south of the Mason Dixon line. I would like to see Richmond and Charleston captured by negro troops commanded by Butler the Beast. We will crowd the rebels into the Gulf of Mexico, and drown the entire race, as the devil rid the hogs in the Sea of Galilee. (Long and loud applause)

"I am one of those who believes the war has ended too soon. We have whipped the rebels but not enough.....The second army of invasion will, as they ought to, make the entire South as God found the earth, without form and void. They will not, and ought not to, leave one rebel fence-rail, out house, one dwelling, in the eleven seceded states. As for the Rebel population, let them be exterminated. When the second war is wound up, which should be done with swift destruction, let the land be surveyed and sold out to pay expenses.

"Let [the first army] them be the largest division, and do the killing. Let the second division be armed with pine torches and spirits of turpentine and, and let them do the burning! Let the third and last division be armed with surveyors' compasses and chains, that will survey the land and settle it with loyal people.

"....'burn and kill! Burn and kill!" until the whole rebel race is exterminated."

......Parson Brownlow, at the post war convention in Philadelphia, 1866.

Governor Yates of Illinois...."Illinois raised 250,000 troops to fight the South, and now we are ready to raise 500,000 more to finish the good work."

Carpetbagger Texas Governor the same Philadelphia 2nd War convention..."Prepare your hearts, and your guns, and your swords, for another conflict. It is bound to come. Get yourselves ready." "We are ready," shouted back a blood thirsty Republican. "We are ready! We'll march down and finish the Rebs!"

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